Several thousand bottles of Finlaggan Original and Finlaggan Old Reserve stolen from a trailer compound on Saturday 19th January.

P R E S S   R E L E A S E



At around 10pm last Saturday evening (19th January) two men broke into a warehouse near Cambuslang and stole a trailer of alcohol worth c.£66,000, which included several pallets of our flagship brands Finlaggan Original and Finlaggan Old Reserve Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Over 2,000 bottles of Finlaggan Original Islay Single Malt 40% abv were stolen.  It is pictured below and has a lilac coloured label, no UK Duty Stamp (as it was destined for The Netherlands) and a batch number laser etched on the side of the bottle L 21 12 21. 

Finlaggan Original, with its distinctive heather coloured label, is not widely available for sale in the UK.

We would ask if anyone is offered this product for sale at a discounted price and with no UK duty stamp, you would be wise to suspect that it may have been stolen and contact the Police via theirnon-emergency line on number 101, quoting reference 1168 of 23rd January 2022.  Buying stolen goods is an offence.

Also stolen were over 1,500 bottles of our Finlaggan Old Reserve 40% abv.  It has a green label and gift carton, again no UK Duty stamp and a batch number etched on the back of the bottle of L22 12 21.

This product is widely available in the UK but we would again ask if you are approached and offered to buy any of it at a considerably reduced price, to contact the police.  

Criminal acts like this have huge implications for our industry and we would ask again if anyone has any information regarding our missing whisky to please contact us or contact the Police.


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