Finlaggan Old Reserve 40% Vol


Tasting Notes:


  • Nose: Earthy smoky peat and salty ocean Breeze
  • Palate: Pungent peat smoke, chewy sweet malt, pepper, tar and a touch of iodine
  • Finish: Long and warming. Smoky ashes of the peat fire

Finlaggan Eilean Mor 46% Vol


Tasting Notes:


  • Nose: Sweet peat smoke. Medicinal notes. Touch of the sea salt
  • Palate: Full bodied with spicy peat smoke. Tar and iodine. Light oiliness and sweet malt. Wonderfully mouth filling.
  • Finish: Smoke embers. Long and dying slightly.

Finlaggan Cask Strength 58% Vol


Tasting Notes:


  • Nose: Lovely pungent peat smoke. Smoky bacon with a touch of old leather
  • Palate: Rich sweet smoke. Iodine, lemon zest with a beautiful mouth coating oiliness. Waves of tarry peat
  • Finish: Peppery peat. Soot and ash. Long and warming

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